High in Protein


High in HUFA’s


Easily assimilable


Highest level of natural color enhancing Astaxanthin


Remains in suspension


Very low excess water content


100% frozen organisms - no fillers

The most unique product to come out of your  favorite LFS’s freezer in years. Cyclop-eeze® FreezerBar™ contains all natural 100% frozen organisms suitable as feed for a multitude of aquatic animals. Superior Reef Nutrition is now available in a convenient size package for the Marine Reef Hobbyist. Cyclop-eeze® FreezerBar™ contains important nutrients necessary to promote Color, Growth and Health in many Marine Organisms. Also useful in Freshwater Aquariums and as a superior Fry Feed for FW or SW fish.

Dried Cyclop-eeze is now available in a flake type product called Cyclop-eeze Wafer -CALL

Cyclop-eeze is a unique form of zooplankton, one of the many types of copepods found throughout the earth’s waters. It is unique from other  copepods in that the habitat Cyclop-eeze are “farmed” in, is unlike any other, producing a species which has superior nutrition compared to similar organisms. The icy cold arctic salt lake which these organisms have evolved in has provided Cyclop-eeze with exceptional levels of the important fatty acids (Omega 3) which are so benefical to aquatic life (especially Marine organisms). EPA 11.7% and DHA of 11.09% levels are amongst the highest found in a non-algae source. The brief growth and reproduction season of arctic life has allowed this organism to develop with multiple generational resting eggs, providing an uncommon intergenerational gene pool mixing.

Cyclop-eeze will feed on rich algae biomass accumulating intense levels of the pigment Astaxanthene proportionally to how much they ingest.(levels of between 3000ppm and 7000ppm are found) Astaxanthin is an excellent color enhancing pigment but also a valuable antioxident providing immune system support. Cyclop-eeze are harvested when nutrional value is highest and immediately deep frozen to preserve this natural highly enriched state. This provides a more nutritious feed product than many live collected planktonic organisms since these type of organisms quickly lose much nutrition if thay are not continuously feeding from harvest to end use.


(dry wt.)

(Utah cysts)

















15 ppm

102 ppm

18:3n3(Linolenic Acid)



20:5n3 (EPA)



22:6n3 (DHA)



Enzyme Activity
(Superoxide Dismutase)



Average Body Length



"Superior Reef Nutrition"

Fish feeding on frozen Cyclop-eeze
Argent Laboratories

Cyclop-eeze is currently in use worldwide by Aquaculture, Public Aquariums and Research Institutions. Now available for the Marine Reef Hobbyist.

Small pieces can easily be cut or broken off and dropped in aquarium. Within seconds organisms will thaw and enter into suspension allowing filter feeders and others to consume this highly nutritious feed in similar fashion to how reef organisms feed in their natural environment.

Especially suited to zooplankton feeders due to the size of the organism, 750-800 micron.

Can be used as a highly nutritious fry feed - does not require HUFA enrichment due to naturally high Omega 3 fatty acids

Also used as a nutritional supplement for adult fish

A product to increase the “input” in your Reef Aquarium. Many Corals need to consume animal matter as well as use symbiotic photosynthesis to attain proper growth and vigor. Zooplankton provides an important link in the food chain which may not be adequately present in most reef aquariums. Using phytoplankton supplements to feed resident zooplankton in Reef Aquariums can only support limited populations of these resident organisms with the nutritional value of these resident populations also suspect, due to the limited capacity of captive systems to provide adequate assimilable nutrients. Is there even enough “Real Estate” in a Reef Aquarium or Refugium to harbor healthy populations? Alternatively, using algae sourced phytoplankton supplements for direct feeding many corals can also be omitting important nutrients found in an animal based food source such as zooplankton.

New research indicates how much we didn’t know about feeding habits on Reefs. Click icon below for a link to an interesting article describing an underwater Reef research program aboard Aquarius, funded by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Another interesting article on coral feeding written by Ronald L. Shimek can be found here:


Freshwater & Marine Aquarium Magazine article about Clownfish Breeding and rearing with Cyclop-eeze.

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